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Webinar: How to Build an Effective Enterprise K8S Team
Webinar: How to Build an Effective Enterprise Kubernetes Team

Benefit from our commitment to your cloud-native success

As you realize your optimal cloud-native infrastructure, we manage it and guide you along the Kubernetes learning curve


Enterprise Focused Security

Our enterprise-grade security defaults, include hard isolation for every Kubernetes cluster, RBAC, Pod Security, and Advanced Network Policies.


Improved Developer Productivity

Remove context switching and free up to 30% of valuable developer time, by taking away infrastructure-related tasks.


Increased Business Agility

Keep up with customer demand by increasing the frequency of continuous application deployments.


High Scalability

No matter where you are deploying them, use the optimal number of clusters at the right time.


Superior Resilience

We guarantee 99.95% uptime. We over-deliver on that promise.


Faster Time-to-Market

Double the speed in which you get things to market. During set up and in Day 2 Operations.

Why Enterprises love Giant Swarm

State-of-the-Art Technology

Exceeding Expectations

True Partnership

State-of-the-Art Technology

The Giant Swarm platform is always on the latest vanilla Kubernetes version. It's always using the latest tooling and is always secure. We continually evaluate the technology coming out of the CNCF community and integrate it into our platform for your benefit.

Exceeding Expectations

Our customers are continually impressed with how quickly they get things done with Giant Swarm. Whether it’s getting applications into production or issue resolution, with Giant Swarm it is achieved faster.

True Partnership

Giant Swarm service has a face, a name, and a Slack channel. We are not only there for you when something breaks, we help you achieve your goals. We are known for becoming an integral part of our customers’ teams.

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Development Speed. Flexibility. Consistency. Results.

Giant Swarm's API driven cloud-native platform allows customers to create and scale Kubernetes clusters quickly. It works on-premises and in the cloud, on-demand, with managed services on-top.

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