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Growing digital revenue exponentially

Find out about adidas' journey to exponential revenue growth. The e-shop, running on Kubernetes is now the biggest income generator in retail. Developed by #Adidoescode and supported by Giant Swarm.

Daniel Eichten
Software Engineer at adidas

"At adidas the goal is to push the boundaries of products, experiences and services to drive brand desire and capitalize on the growth opportunities in sport as well as in sports-inspired casual and activewear."

3-4 times a day
reduced by half
CI/CD builds/mo.

Focusing on core competence

Find out how Service Layers shortened time to market of critical business applications. Enabled by a new business model that included Giant Swarm from day 1.

A smart journey to containerization

Learn about Vodafone Group Services' smart journey to containerization with Kubernetes and Giant Swarm. They retired a monolith and built microservices and are now serving a growing audience at Vodafone that wants to run Kubernetes, quickly and easily.

Rolling out IoT at high-speed

Learn how Vaillant overcame a time crunch when moving to Kubernetes. Partnering with Giant Swarm allowed them to deliver their project on time and focus on rolling out their IoT offerings to create an additional revenue stream.

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