The Enterprise's New Shoes

Adidas' move to cloud-native technologies and specifically Kubernetes started already in late 2015. This move came as the result of a general shift towards Microservices and agile software development, which included major reorganization of teams and architectures.

In the space of a few short years, adidas achieved 100x growth in online retail, going from €40 million to €4 billion by building its own revolutionary e-commerce platform. In fact, in 2020 — a time of unprecedented testing and volatility — the sportswear giant succeeded in increasing its e-commerce sales by 53% compared to the previous year.

How did adidas future-proof its success?

By building a cloud-native platform that is fast, reliable, scalable, and efficient.

Beginning with the three core pillars of technology, operations, and evolution, adidas mapped the best path forward to achieve its vision. However, with rapid innovation cycles, a robust growth trajectory, and an all-important competitive edge as just some of their ambitious goals, the adidas team knew they needed to embrace the power of teamwork as they do on and off the sports field.

Wining the retail race

By sticking to its iconic “Impossible is nothing” ethos, adidas found like-minded partners, teammates, and collaborators in Giant Swarm and Container Solutions. Today, Giant Swarm and Container Solutions continue to find new and innovative ways to deliver value while adidas is free to focus on what sets it apart: making impossible things possible one ‘add to cart’ at a time.

About adidas

adidas is a multiinational sportswear manufacturer. For 70 years they have helped revolutionize sports through shoes and apparel. They believe that through sports they can change lives. Their goal is to be the best sports company in the world. Everything they do is rooted in sports.

At adidas the goal is to push the boundaries of products, experiences and services to drive brand desire and capitalize on the growth opportunities in sport as well as in sports-inspired casual and activewear.


Location: Germany

Foundation: 1949

Employees: 59,000

Use-Case(s): Web-Scale, Mobile, Internal Services, Big Data

Cloud Type: Hybrid Cloud

Challenges: Velocity, Scaling, Resiliency, Monitoring

Giant Swarm Customer since: 2017

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