Growing Digital Revenue Exponentially


Went from every 4-6 weeks to 3-4 times a day


for e-comm site reduced by half


20,000 pods, 800 nodes, 80,000 builds a month

About adidas

adidas is a multiinational sportswear manufacturer. For 70 years they have helped revolutionize sports through shoes and apparel. They believe that through sports they can change lives. Their goal is to be the best sports company in the world. Everything they do is rooted in sports.

At adidas the goal is to push the boundaries of products, experiences and services to drive brand desire and capitalize on the growth opportunities in sport as well as in sports-inspired casual and activewear.


The Enterprise's New Shoes


Adidas case study on CNCF

Staying true to its culture, adidas got 40% of its most impactful systems running on Kubernetes in a year.

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Digitale Leute podcast - Ep. 16

Podcast with Daniel Eichten, Senior Director Platform Engineering

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