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Our vision is to empower developers around the world to ship great products. We're a 100% remote, diverse, and growing team, spread across Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

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How we work at Giant Swarm

Here are some aspects that describe our way of working — we aren't perfect but trying our best every day. Iteration is key.


People first

For us, ‘people first’ isn’t just a philosophy — it’s why we do what we do. We value our team members who create value for our customers and our company. Creating an environment that allows everyone to work at their full potential is as crucial as fostering a great culture.



Work is where work gets done. With team members from across the globe, we're fully remote and fully committed to outcomes over offices. Work from wherever suits you best and with everyone being remote, you’re always in the loop of what is happening.



Creative work needs freedom and openness. And as with any solution, there is not only ONE way to get to it, but you do whatever works best for you and our company. Due to the organization of our company you can choose your own focus and niche within the team.


Culture of failure

We have a strong culture of failure, which is part of our mindset. We don’t do things straight from a guidebook. At Giant Swarm, you have to try things out, and learning is mandatory and fun at the same time. If you want to expand your knowledge in a specific area, we support you.



Our goal is to have as much transparency as possible. We just have limits when it comes to protecting people or legal requirements. Examples: we have transparent salaries, almost all communication channels are open, you can attend any meeting you want. We believe that people need to decide which information they need to make the right decisions.



Besides supporting the obvious, like health insurance, choosing the hardware you like, making attendance at international conferences comfortable. We also offer unlimited vacation days and work time flexibility. We pay a certain amount on top of your salary to cover additional perks like coworking, gym, lunch, etc.

What our recruiting process looks like:

  • If we have your CV (no cover letter needed) you get a few questions from us that help us to get to know you and to prepare for the interview.

  • Invitation to a soft-skill interview with our people team. We hire for integrity first. As simple as that.

  • Invitation to a detailed (technical) interview about your position with someone who is your peer.

  • Invitation to the hiring presentation where you present a small (!) task and meet your team. Team does the hiring decision and you get the offer the same day.

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