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Day 2 complexities - solved 

Whether you are running on-premises or in the cloud, Giant Swarm takes away the pain of managing the infrastructure. This allows enterprises to focus on their core business.

How it works

The Giant Swarm platform consists of various components. They can be categorized into three areas: infrastructure, operations, and applications.

We enable and manage your cloud-native stack

We help you implement open source products from leading companies in the ecosystem. This ensures that you stay close to what is coming out of the cloud-native ecosystem with a stack that best serves you. If your needs require additional 3rd party apps, we also support that with our App Platform. At Giant Swarm, we take advantage of the same types of tooling in our development, as well as customer operations and support.

To cater to specific needs we develop our own tools. Tools that interact with, automate, and manage the cloud-native infrastructure and its components. These tools enable us to provide the best experience for your operations and development teams.

With the Giant Swarm / public cloud combo you get the advantages of the public cloud, with a personal touch. Enjoy these advantages on-prem too.

Where does Giant Swarm run?

Giant Swarm will run your cloud-native stack on any infrastructure you choose. We support on-premises, public cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud options.

Public clouds provide an alternative to building and maintaining infrastructure vital to organizations.

Using a cloud provider is a way to provide computing services that you would otherwise have to provide on your own. Working with public clouds eases the pressure on IT departments as they race to meet the demands of users.

As such, embracing the public cloud is something you are probably thinking about. But you won’t achieve your goals by lifting-and-shifting apps from one place to another. Especially if your business requires specific functionality that the public cloud cannot provide.

Giant Swarm will support your cloud-native stack with a personal touch, whether in the public cloud or on-prem.


The Management Cluster

No matter if you are running one cluster per environment, one cluster per team, or in multiple clouds or regions, the Giant Swarm Management Cluster will make it simpler. You will be able to spin up a cluster within minutes. You will always have insight into your clusters. The management cluster is private to your organization. Our advanced controllers will ensure that all your clusters are always running in the desired state.

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The App Platform

Once you have reached a certain level of maturity in running microservices you will find that you would like some metrics. You may find you need policies and service mesh as well. For these and more, you will be looking to applications adjacent to Kubernetes to satisfy these needs.

The Giant Swarm App Platform enables you to find the apps you need, easily add them to your Helm chart and keep track of them in your environment.

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Operations and Support

Giant Swarm customers have a go-to person on a dedicated Slack channel who is there to talk them through any problem. If we don’t find and solve the problem first ourselves or with another customer. In such a situation solutions are offered in “push” rather than “pull” mode.

The process for upgrades and vulnerabilities is also similar. We keep our customers on the latest Kubernetes versions and we do the upgrades, with zero downtime. Thus, no disruption of business and no taking people away from their day jobs.

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