Production-ready Kubernetes in a flash

To capitalize on the benefits of the cloud enterprises will implement Kubernetes.
But how will they overcome the challenges it introduces?

Solving the Kubernetes conundrum

Kubernetes are highly complex and are likely to get even more complex in the coming years.

Cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes are complex and require significant expertise to operate in production. Companies that are considering building their own infrastructure will realize that Kubernetes experts are very scarce and in high demand.

Building the required skillset in-house is time and resource-intensive. It could also mean that the first 12 months get spent on training. Training that includes both the theory and scaling the learning curve on the job.

The key questions for many companies should be:


Do you want to put the complexity on your own team? With the result of getting key staff getting locked into doing just that. It would also mean growing your team or, potentially hiring a dedicated team for it.

Wouldn't you rather give it to someone who would seamlessly implement and operate Kubernetes for you?

Wouldn't you prefer to save the hassle and money that would otherwise be spent on the learning curve?

more developer productivity focused on core business

up time of production & work environments

more deployments of code to production

up to50%
cost saving on Infrastructure & operations

The reasons Enterprises choose Giant Swarm

Building, scaling, and maintaining a microservice infrastructure is complex and resource-intensive. Giant Swarm is there to help you realize your perfect future infrastructure by efficiently building it, and running it for or with you.


Working with microservices since 2010

In 2010 we (the founders of Giant Swarm) realized that running micro-services was the future. We also learned that it could get very complex, very fast. This ultimately led us to build our own tooling and framework. It worked so well that we decided to make it our core business, so you could focus on yours.


We breathe automation

Running a multitude of distributed services on multiple servers without automation takes away speed and agility. In our experience, 20%-30% of technical resources get spent on operations. Resources that could be used to innovate. Automating your microservice infrastructure is the only solution to this problem.


We provide the missing links

There are lots of tools that solve specific problems for cloud-native infrastructure. We build the missing links and automation that transform your choice of tooling into a fully-integrated cloud-native infrastructure.


No vendor lock-in

Choosing vendors and technologies is a complex task and includes the risk of vendor lock-in. The Giant Swarm platform provides infrastructure that is independent and flexible.