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Beyond Managed Kubernetes

Make use of our knowledge and expertise to scale the learning curve, make smart decisions, and get solutions straight away.

Value from Giant Swarm's cloud-native approach

y - business value (in %) x - time (in years)

Giant Swarm approach
Operational in just a few days, so very fast time-to-high-value.

Significantly longer time-to-value, but you manage and run what you built yourself.

Relatively short time-to-value but limited in terms of mid and long term value.

Benefits of using the Giant Swarm platform

Our product and managed service address the four common challenges enterprises face when running Kubernetes.

Production-ready in as little as one day

Cloud-native platforms consist of 50+ individual components that need to be installed, configured, secured, and tested to work seamlessly and reliably.

With years of experience with high loads, high availability, and multiple cloud setups, Giant Swarm knows how to run what has proven to be the best setup.

The Fastest way to Cloud-Native

Preemptive issue resolution

We build it and run it in line with the DevOps doctrine enabling your teams to go cloud-native.

We fully monitor and control the whole cloud-native application platform. We also fix anything that goes wrong. Our team that develops the platform reacts to any issues and has a three-minute average response time.

How Postmortems help hardening our k8s clusters

Stay current and secure

Just like your teams push updates several times a day, we do the same for our cloud-native platform and ensure you are always on a highly secure, stable and current version.

The cloud-native landscape is quickly evolving with projects issuing several CVEs per month, updates to components every week, an average of 12 post-mortems a week and major upgrades to Kubernetes every three months.

Why is securing Kubernetes so difficult?

Accelerate your team’s success

Teams embarking on a cloud-native journey will need support as the concepts of cloud-native are fundamentally different from traditional application design.

Using an experienced partner to build and run your cloud-native platform will free up internal resources that can then accelerate your cloud-native journey through fast and successful adoption.

How to Build an Effective Enterprise Kubernetes Team

Here's what our customers have to say about us:


Benefits and business values unlocked by Giant Swarm



Faster time to market for innovation by building on our enterprise-grade Kubernetes operated 24/7.



Let you teams focus on innovation with the world's first managed cloud-native platform that removes the burden of managing a complex infrastructure.



Respond swiftly to your customers' demands and deliver better user experiences by deploying incremental improvements regularly.



Run and scale your containerized workloads easily across consistent Kubernetes clusters in your on-premises and cloud environments.



Enjoy higher uptime thanks to continuous upgrades and proactive troubleshooting. Guaranteed with a 99.95% SLA and the fastest time to resolution on the market.



Approved by Fortune 500 customers, rely on the industry's highest security setup, continuous upgrades, and prompt security patching that always keeps your cloud-native stack secure.

Giant Swarm: complete life cycle and automation

Proven Kubernetes + 30 Components + AppsInstall
RBAC, PSP for complete
stack + Apps
Dedicated SE + Chat +
Weekly Calls
Rapid Security Fixes, Upgrades, Fixes VersionsUpgrade
99.95% SLA,
Fix Everywhere
24x7 for Master and
Workload Clusters

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