Shouldering the burden of Kubernetes complexities

Giant Swarm's holistic approach of product and service gives you peace of mind when handing over the management of your cloud-native stack.

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Don't let the cloud-native stack get in the way of your business

Our product and managed service address the four common challenges enterprises face when running Kubernetes.


Business velocity

Giant Swarm helps you get Kubernetes running properly from the get-go. We'll shorten your team's learning curve and bridge the cloud-native infrastructure skill gap. We ensure that you don't lag in terms of security patches or Kubernetes versions. From the support perspective, you have real-time access to support engineers in case you run into a problem.


Meet your objectives on schedule.


Operational simplicity

Giant Swarm ensures full management of even the most complex Kubernetes setups with the benefit of flexibility. With agility in mind, Giant Swarm runs Kubernetes for enterprises using its product. This enables automation to manage, monitor, and upgrade clusters. Empowered with the right technology, Giant Swarm engineers have the expertise to mitigate the risks of Kubernetes.


Efficiency and flexibility with your needs in mind.



Our service includes 24/7 management of all your clusters including worker nodes. We achieve 99.95% uptime for the whole Kubernetes setup. Every problem we encounter is addressed programmatically. Whether you encountered it or not, the learnings are applied to your environment.

At Giant Swarm, we run load tests, security checks, and thousands of upgrades for multiple enterprise customers. The results of which are incorporated into our product for customers' benefit.


Solving problems permanently.



Our hardened platform includes multiple security layers that operate together. We harness the capabilities of cloud infrastructure, operating systems, container runtime, and Kubernetes. And, we continuously test it.

As co-authors of CIS Benchmarks, we offer the highest security available. We do this by offering strict pod security policies and enforcing Role-Based Access.


Getting in front of your security needs.

Want to become a cloud-native powerhouse?