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We’re extending an invitation to select members of our community (that’s you) to join our Giant Swarm of friends. Secure exclusive access to our curated calendar of events and receive our much-loved swag packages.

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What’s it all about?

As a community-driven and remote-first company, we’re constantly looking for ways to connect and collaborate while sharing our cloud learnings, aspirations, and challenges. We couldn’t find an exact match for what we wanted, so we decided to create our own community.

Hosting invite-only, peer-to-peer events that encourage open conversations about a wide range of topics in our field, we’re now seeking new members to join and welcome your application and participation.

Our ambition is to host interesting discussions that encourage mutual learning while providing a fun and social atmosphere.


The process on being selected

Being selective isn’t about keeping people out; instead, it’s about keeping good people in by continuously delivering valuable discussions with interesting participants. If you’ve received this link, it’s likely that you’re a good fit. If you join our Giant Swarm of Friends, you’ll be introduced to the group at the next event, and the person who recommended you will be your sponsor. This information isn’t meant to stress you out, we’re just being transparent about our process.

Here are some of our past themes

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Infrastructure for Digital Hypergrowth

The Old versus The New in Kubernetes

The Ins and Outs of Cloud Native Security