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Join the Giant Swarm squad each week as we discuss it all — from leading-edge cloud technologies to people-first philosophies — in this fun and insightful Podcast, Giant Conversations.


Episode #18 - 1:1 with Alexis Richardson - Listen Up

Oliver Thylmann talks shop with Alexis Richardson. And you don't want to miss this one.

Episode #17 - Happy 10th Birthday Giant Swarm

It's Giant Swarm's 10th (and Oli had a birthday recently too). Tune in to the musings of your hosts who discuss Microsoft's Project Natick, the trick to a cleaner Google search, Rakuten Viber, and AI in all directions.

Episode #16 - Giant Swarm Trainings

Account Engineer Lorenzo Soligo joins us to reveal Giant Swarm's approach to client education on cloud native technologies and our infrastructure.

Episode #15 - Giant Swarm On-sites & Mansions

Tommy jumps on with Joshua Olson-Kerrigan (otherwise known as Dr. OK) to talk On-sites and mansions, with a cameo from Oliver from his On-site.

Episode #14 - Total Recall

Enjoy the musings of Oliver Thylmann and Tommy Hobin as they discuss Kubernetes Ecosystem news, AI and our Slack channel #YELLING

Episode #13 - Podcast Sausage

Tommy is joined by esteemed Podcast Producer Heather Clancy to reminisce over the last 12 episodes.

Episode #12 - Backstage with Backstage

In this episode of the Giant Conversations podcast, we dive deep into the world of Backstage, the open source developer portal framework that's revolutionizing the way teams collaborate and build software.

Episode #11 - From Flatcar to Emotional Support Gators

Diving into the latest buzz with Swarmalicious News.

Episode #10 - Unpacking Open Source with Cortney Nickerson

From KubeCon in Paris, we asked our guest this question: Can successful open source projects only originate from organizations that don’t prioritize monetizing the project?

Episode #09 - It's Liz Rice!

Come meet Liz Rice as we talk about how much we all love our Kubernetes community. So actually it's an Episode about you.

Episode #08 - News from the Ecosystem

We discuss digital nomads, IBM buying Hashicorp, the Puppet State of DevOps report, and scary Boston Dynamics robots

Episode #07 - Giant Swarm Platform 3.0

Giant Swarm has release version 3.0 of it's Platform and we talk a bit with Timo Derstappen about the history and how we got there and what changes.

Episode #06 - Swarmalicious

Our KubeCon survey results, News from KubeCon (the behind-the-scenes notes our Swarmies jotted down at the conference), Swarmalicious News.

Episode #05 - Hanging with Monzo

We bring on Miles Bryant from our good friends at Monzo Bank to discuss why they adopted Kubernetes back in version 1.3... and much more.

Episode #04 - Back from KubeCon EU

This episode scours the halls of KubeCon Paris to get answers to what everyone is talking about. From what best talks are, to which booth had the best SWAG and even opened up the Pandora's box of Should Open Source Projects be monetized.

Episode #03 - It's all about security

We delve down deep into our security approach. The falacy of CVEs, the importance of PSS, the difference of developers and security practicioners and a lot more.

Episode #02 - The Pre-Kubecon Special

KubeCon is approaching quickly and we can't wait to represent 22+ deep.

Episode #01 - The Big Introduction

This episode introduces the Giant Swarm Conversations Podcast and will be an introduction to what follows over the next 3 months. We also cover NEWS 1, 2, 3.

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