Run Cloud-Native Projects On Demand and at Scale in any AWS Region

Giant Swarm is an AWS Container Partner. We work together to bring Giant Swarm's Managed Cloud Native Stack to AWS customers.

Turbocharge Your Cloud-Native Success

Giant Swarm provides an always up-to-date cloud-native platform with 24/7 operations and hands-on expert support for running containerized applications production: securely, reliably and at scale across AWS regions.



Develop Quickly

Giant Swarm helps developers build better software, faster. Developers can focus on their code while Giant Swarm ensures that their cloud-native stack is up-to-date and operational at all times.



Increase Agility

Giant Swarm makes it easy to connect your CI/CD pipeline to your Kubernetes cluster(s) and deploy as often as you need. Thus allowing you to respond to business needs quickly.



Stay Secure

Giant Swarm ensures the security of your clusters, pods, and containers anytime. This is achieved with our security defaults, such as hard isolation for every Kubernetes cluster, RBAC, Pod Security, and Advanced Network Policies.



Run Resiliently

Giant Swarm has been supporting enterprises that run containers in production since 2015. We take full responsibility that your control plane with all its tenant clusters is up-to-date and operational at all times.



Run Anywhere

Giant Swarm is built on top of open source technology. It provides the same vanilla Kubernetes in any private data-center and public cloud, maintaining your flexibility.



Scale Infinitely

Giant Swarm enables you to easily use fully isolated clusters that can scale independently. With Giant Swarm, you will be running the latest Kubernetes version across your organization, data-centers, and public clouds.

See Giant Swarm in Action on AWS

Learn how easy Giant Swarm makes provisioning and scaling fully isolated Kubernetes clusters with your preferred configuration and tooling within any AWS region.

The Giant Swarm AWS Architecture

Giant Swarm’s Architecture is split into two logical parts. The Control Plane and the multiple Tenant Clusters. Among other services, the control plane runs our AWS Operator, which handles the full lifecycle management of Tenant Clusters.

Get a full description of our AWS Architecture below.


AWS Architecture

Beyond Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)

While cloud providers set their sights on the common denominator that serves the mainstream, Giant Swarm is geared towards enterprises. We empower enterprises to run multiple projects independently and consistently across data-centers.



Multi-Project Operations

Provision and scale multiple Kubernetes clusters with your preferred configuration and tooling for each of your cloud-native projects.



Consistency of Environments

Keep control over the consistency of Kubernetes versions, roles, security, and network configuration for all your different project environments while not incurring upgrade debt.



Hybrid Cloud Portability

Use the same API and vanilla Kubernetes to run your workloads across private data-center(s) and public clouds.

managed services


Managed Services

Focus on the applications that move your business forward instead of wasting time on managing workers, load-balancers, networking, logging, monitoring, service mesh and more.

expert support


Expert Support

Use your direct Slack channel to our experts to develop a high level of in-house capabilities to accelerate your cloud-native journey.

partner for production


Partner for Production Success

Rely on a strong partner that has been keeping cloud-native infrastructure for enterprises up-to-date and operational since 2015.

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