Smarter Platform Engineering

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What is Platform Engineering?

Platform Engineering is more than building and operating internal developer platforms. It’s the discipline of facilitating fast access to easy-to-consume capabilities that liberate developers from unnecessary complexities. The primary goal of platform engineering is to enable fast, secure and reliable flow of software delivery. This goal is achieved through a combination of tools, processes, strategy, expertise and value mapping, and it’s powered by speed, automation, cross-team collaboration and cognitive freedom.

Why Smarter Platform Engineering?

Platform engineering sounds pretty “smart” already. Then… Why the need for Smarter Platform Engineering? In practice, platform engineering is more than a discipline. It’s a way of working to get software delivered more often, more efficiently, more impactfully. Like any other way of working, it is prone to inefficiencies, complications and misalignment. Our mission is to minimize these blockers, so that cognitive load is reduced, teams are empowered to find their way to happiness and the software delivery flow is enhanced.

Why do Organizations Struggle?

In the dynamic landscape of software development, platform teams sometimes need a lifeline. Traditional help, like hiring more staff, isn't always the quickest or most effective solution. Onboarding new colleagues comes with challenges – finding the right talent, ensuring they're up to speed, and aligning them with your goals. When the ultimate aim is efficient platform engineering, we believe in providing faster and more effective support that goes beyond ticketing systems, as well as guidance, strategic advice and expertise based on real-life experience.

Common Roadblocks The Giant Swarm Way
Wasted Time and Energy One Platform, Rapid Adoption, Low Ops— Our approach focuses on delivering API-driven, adaptable solutions that can scale efficiently; by consolidating tools and leveraging automation, the focus is on facilitating efficiency and improving developer experience.
Slow and Painful Issue Resolution Responsive Support — We don’t just “carry the pager”; we offer responsive, streamlined support that addresses the root cause of a problem, with immediate issue resolution. Our main goal is to ensure minimal disruption to our customers’ business operations.
Unreliable platform Standardized Setup, Preventive Maintenance – When we detect an issue in one customer installation, we fix it immediately and roll this out to other installations, so that we prevent other customers from running into the same issue. By focusing on preventive maintenance, fixes and continuous updates and improvements, we increase the reliability and resilience of our platform and eliminate the need for the customers to do patching themselves.
Fear of Change Fostering Innovation — We create an environment that encourages experimentation and innovation, reducing apprehensions about change. We have a “you break it, we fix it” approach that gives teams the cognitive freedom they need to achieve more.
Vendor Lock-In Leveraging Open Source Technologies — By utilizing open source technologies built on open standards, we enhance decision-making flexibility and adaptability.
Lack of a Product Mindset Alignment with Business Goals — We align the platform closely with your business objectives, optimizing its value proposition.
Poor Developer Experience Developer-Centric Capabilities — We facilitate fast access to easy-to-consume platform capabilities, ensuring a kinder developer experience and enabling fast flow of software delivery. We abstract away complexity, but at the same time allow for a certain level of ‘poke-ability’ as we understand that devs need to make tweaks to suit their apps.

At Giant Swarm, we don't just recognize these issues; we address them head-on. We're committed to transforming these challenges into opportunities for your organization.

Benefits For Your Organization

Transform Your Operations
Unified Platform Management
Seamless Control: Centralized platform management streamlines your operations.
Agile Adaptability
Flex Your Way: Open source technologies and standards offer flexibility, easy adoption, and infrastructure portability.
Automated Efficiency
Streamlined Operations: High automation and integrations ensure efficient configuration, monitoring, and management.
Trust in Reliability
Reliable Performance
Nonstop Reliability: Round-the-clock operations, immediate issue resolution, and no downtime minimize disruptions.
Expert Guidance
Direct Expertise: Access experienced engineers who prevent errors and share invaluable cloud native insights for top-tier performance.
Empowered Learning
Continuous Growth: Immerse in agile principles, foster continuous learning, and thrive within a collaborative, forward-thinking culture.
Strategically Aligned
Business-Centric Approach
Strategically Aligned: Benefit from a business-oriented mindset, ensuring your platform's alignment with organizational goals for optimal impact.

Our Role in Defining Smarter Platform Engineering

Giant Swarm didn’t invent Smarter Platform Engineering. We discovered it by working closely with platform teams at leading organizations such as adidas, Börse Stuttgart, Continental, Deutsche Telekom, Egger, and Vodafone. We started off with fully managing the cloud native stack around Kubernetes for our customers, but over the years our offering has evolved towards providing a highly integrated and fully managed developer platform and establishing a framework that keeps companies away from wasting time, resources and energy.

Acting as an extension of platform teams for companies that are transforming their customers’ experiences, and being motivated by empathy, pragmatism and a strong desire to help teams unlock their full potential, we’ve been helping companies define Smarter Platform Engineering since 2014.

Can we help yours too? Get in touch and together we’ll pave the way to your teams’ happiness.


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