Production ready Kubernetes on VMware from Day 1

Fully Managed Developer Platform built on Kubernetes for Cloud and On-Prem VMware Environments

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See Giant Swarm in action on VMware

Learn how quickly you can provide developer platforms to your engineers without going through complex setup, training and hiring processes.  Giant Swarm deploys, manages and operates Kubernetes clusters with your preferred configuration and tooling within your on prem data center.

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Fast-track Kubernetes on VMware

Giant Swarm provides an always up-to-date cloud-native platform with 24/7 operations and hands-on expert support for running containerized applications production: securely, reliably, and at scale across your on prem data centers.


Intimate support model

Get instant access to cloud native infrastructure engineers through Slack, weekly stand-ups and ad-hoc requests, whenever there’s an issue.


Upskill Your Team

Get full access to the knowledge and experience of our engineers that operate the platform 24x7 and help address your requirements.


Production Ready from Day 1

Cut building, automating and upskilling before you engineers can even start deploying onto Kubernetes and provide them with a fully fledged platform now and grow over time.


Complex Network Requirements

We are used to managing highly complex on-prem environments. We love challenges and know that “one size fits all” doesn’t cut it.


Identical Hybrid Cloud Setup

Save development and operations effort on different platforms for on prem and cloud, and automate across them with GitOps.


In Your Environment

Giant Swarm fully deployes and operates in your on-prem data centers and cloud accounts - no shared components and fully owned by you.


Fast-track your Kubernetes on VMware

Discover the path to swift Kubernetes deployment, efficient management, and delighted developers. Watch this webinar and unravel the challenges from team and technology angles, ensuring a seamless K8s delivery process that truly delights your developers.

Make the most out of your
VMware investments

Get a complete developer platform that you fully own for free and the have it fully managed by a whole team of experts for a fraction of the cost you would accrue by adding engineers to the team


Reduced Operational Overhead

Our dedicated team of engineers acts as an extension of your platform team. They handle the installation, configuration, and 24/7 operational management of the Kubernetes-based developer platform. We make sure everything runs smoothly on your VMware infrastructure, removing the need for in-house Kubernetes expertise and resources.


Enhanced Security & Compliance

Our offering incorporates industry best practices and includes security tools and processes to protect your applications and data. By leveraging your VMware infrastructure, you can capitalize on existing security controls, policies, and compliance frameworks while enjoying the benefits of modern cloud native architectures.


Flexibility & Scalability

Whether you use on-prem VMware environments, public cloud providers or both, our offering ensures consistent management and enables easy scalability through GitOps-first automation and governance to meet your growing needs.


Focus on Value Delivery

By selecting our Kubernetes delivery model, platform teams can shift their focus from day-to-day operational tasks to providing value-added capabilities for development teams. This enables faster and more efficient flow of software delivery, as well as improved innovation cycles, resulting in higher overall productivity.


Secure Value From Your VMware 

Our offering provides a consistent and familiar environment for your teams and takes advantage of modern Kubernetes practices. Our Kubernetes-based developer platform runs smoothly on your existing VMware infrastructure, including VMware Cloud Director and VMware vSphere. Our goal is to free your teams up from time-consuming operational tasks, such as patching, upgrades, and troubleshooting.


Partner for Production Success

Rely on a strong partner that has been keeping cloud-native infrastructure for enterprises up-to-date and operational since 2015. With the cost of a 1-2 additional engineers, you get access to several teams that fully focus on developing, managing and operating cloud-native environments for a wide variety of different use cases. 

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