Navigating Helm to Deploy Apps on Kubernetes

June 24th 2021 at 10:00 am EST (16:00 CEST)


Known as “The package manager for Kubernetes”, Helm still manages to be a stumbling block for those who aren’t prepared even though it has been around for nearly as long as Kubernetes. While Helm promises many benefits from improved developer productivity to enhanced operational readiness, these wins can be difficult to claim if you’re not familiar with its ins and outs.

In our next hands-on (deck) webinar hosted by our very own Kubernetes Platform Engineer Łukasz Piątkowski, you will leave knowing:

- The basics: what exactly is Helm and why you need it

- How to use Helm to install apps

- How to create your own packages

- Beyond the basics: the limitations and opportunities for extending Helm

Just like our pragmatic approach that serves customers like adidas and Shutterstock, this webinar promises to leave you with practical advice for navigating Helm.

In the meantime, explore our blog posts on Helm: Deploying the Application with Helm and Application Configuration Management with Helm.

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