How to Pitch Kubernetes to Management

January 28th 2021 at 11:00 - 12:00 CEST


Why go cloud-native? Why Kubernetes? How do I convince my management?

It’s a fact — cloud-native is changing the world and Kubernetes is becoming the operating system of the cloud. But what exactly are these technologies and why have they gained so much traction recently?

We’ll share the facts on this change, what value it can deliver, and why you should accelerate your journey — or how to convince your management to do so.

On January 28th, we’ll cover the basic concepts and provide a business perspective on the whole transition to the cloud, the cloud-native approach, and Kubernetes.

Learn how to assess the potential impact on your organization or how to convey it to your managers when we tackle these key questions:

- How the speed of this change will impact your business

- What areas benefit most from the transition

- What complexities you can abstract away to accelerate your journey

- How to cover the risks and challenges

Since 2014, Giant Swarm has focused on Kubernetes and acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to guide innovative companies like Vodafone, Shutterstock, adidas, and Vaillant on their cloud-native journey.

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