Taming the Kubernetes Monster in 2022

Download the webinar, Taming the Kubernetes Monster in 2022 from Polar Squad & Giant Swarm.


Our Giant Swarm panelists:

Jaakko Pallari

Jaakko Pallari
Chief Technology Officer, Polar Squad


Yair Etziony
Head of Operations Germany: Polar Squad

Who should watch: Head of IT // Infrastructure // Digital Platform

If the title of this webinar resonates with you, you’re already one step ahead in the race to cloud-native success. Many enterprises waste years and significant resources because they don’t realize that Kubernetes never comes alone and never stays the same. To tame the Kubernetes monster in 2022 and beyond, bold technological and cultural decisions must be made constantly. Once this is understood and accepted, a world of benefits awaits.

Hosted alongside DevOps pros Polar Squad, this interactive webinar will arm you with the tools to tame the Kubernetes monster in 2022 and beyond:

Understanding the Kubernetes monster:
Kubernetes dos and don’ts and when it’s right for you

Taming the Kubernetes monster:
Day 2 operations and how to win

Making friends with the Kubernetes monster:
real-world Kubernetes advice for 2022 and beyond