Linkerd & Giant Swarm: Streamlining Service Mesh

On Demand Webinar

Are you struggling with security, observability, and reliability in your cloud native application? Use a service mesh to help! Join Cedric Kaufmann and Flynn to learn about how Linkerd, the CNCF graduated service mesh can help reduce friction in the cloud.

What you can expect from this webinar:

Why worry? Intro to security, observability, and reliability in the cloud native world

The edge is not enough: why you need all these things throughout the stack

The inner workings of the mesh: what happens under the hood

Putting it all together: using Linkerd with Giant Swarm


Let the service mesh do the heavy lifting in your application.

Every cloud native application needs security, observability, and reliability – these critical elements are simply not optional. But should they be things your application developers need to worry about? Wouldn’t it be simpler to just make the infrastructure handle it?

This is exactly what service meshes offer.

Instead of making every application developer constantly reinvent the wheel to provide security, observability, and reliability, the mesh does it for them – uniformly and consistently across the entire application, working down to the platform level. When done correctly, the mesh doesn’t even require changes to the application.

Even better, it’s easy to use the Linkerd service mesh with a Kubernetes platform like Giant Swarm as we’ll explore in this webinar with Cedric Kaufmann of Giant Swarm and Flynn from Buoyant, the creators of Linkerd. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session; register to secure your seat and get the full recording.