Scaling Modern Software Development through Common Platforms

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These are just some of the benefits organizations that adopt all aspects of modern software development can achieve.

✅ Rapid innovation cycles

✅ Higher revenue

✅ Attracting great talent


But truly moving to DevOps models can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t get the support you need from an organizational and a technical point of view.

Sebastian from viadee has been enabling companies to adopt modern software development for years and will be sharing his experiences and perspectives in the first part of the webinar.

Franz from Giant Swarm will then cover the challenges and solutions platform teams can embrace to provide the greatest value to software developers on their cloud-native journey. 


We’ll share our learnings with you and you’ll leave knowing:


• The characteristics of modern software development and what topics you need to deal with

• How to identify the typical challenges and find the right solutions

• How a platform can help you scale modern software development from one team to ten to hundreds

• What aspects such a platform needs to cover and what platform teams should embrace to be of value and still cost-efficient

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