Policy Management
with Kyverno

On Demand Webinar

If Kyverno isn’t on your radar, now it should be. Understand what this policy management solution can do for you with practical tips, insights, and real-world examples.

What you can expect from this webinar:

Understand and master the basics of admission control in Kubernetes

Learn what Kyverno can do and why you should care about this solution

Start working with Kyverno with our guide to policy management

Get practical advice from an expert with real-world examples


Policy management is a must, but do you have the Kyverno know-how to win?

Cloud-native security and governance are becoming more deeply ingrained in Kubernetes as it represents the cross-section of various stakeholders who use it as a common platform. For this very reason, companies want to establish effective policy automation.

Unfortunately, this is not easy to accomplish with Kubernetes alone. Thankfully, that’s where Kyverno steps in. Tune in as Giant Swarm’s Platform Engineer Marcel Müller investigates this policy management solution with practical tips, insights, and real-world examples.

Who should watch:

Platform Engineers, Security Teams, DevSecOps Engineers