Making FinOps Work with Kubernetes

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“FinOps is about taking ownership of cloud usage and making smart decisions when balancing cost versus innovation and speed.” — FinOps Foundation

Bottom line, it’s likely that your organization could be wasting up to 30% of your resources without even realizing it if you don’t embrace FinOps. That being said, FinOps isn’t really about saving money, instead, it’s about optimizing every dollar spent in the public and private cloud. If this sounds daring, it’s because this can be challenging when addressed individually. Wherever you are in the FinOps “inform, optimize, operate” cycle, here’s what you need to know to make FinOps work with Kubernetes and work for you.

In this webinar hosted by Mindcurv’s Solution Architect David Sterz, we provide actionable advice and unpack the following:

- Why you should care about FinOps and who is in the best position to do so

- Why you should set up a separate FinOps team

- How to get engineers to take action

- Real-world examples of good, fast, and cheap

- How to set incentives

- How to balance cost with speed and innovation

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