How to Break Apps with Kubernetes

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Having Kubernetes break your apps in production negatively impacts more than just uptime. Cost, deployment agility, and upgrade pains are just some of the many pitfalls you’ll encounter. Trust us, we should know — working with Kubernetes since the very beginning, everything we know about building cloud-native apps is a result of our tireless efforts to serve customers like adidas, Shutterstock, and Deutsche Telekom.

Watch Solution Engineer and all-round apps expert Ben Rain share his hard-won insights on:

- Avoiding common pitfalls you can expect with apps in operations 

- Best practices for building apps so that they’re cloud-native ready

- Tools and tips for testing the apps in operations

This informative webinar will be an essential resource in your Kubernetes toolbox and promises to flag the potential pitfalls you will encounter so that you’re best prepared to navigate them.

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