How Security Evolves with your Kubernetes Footprint 

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Single-cluster security in Kubernetes is a broadly covered topic with well-established best practices. Adopting Kubernetes usually starts with a limited proof of concept in a single team, but can rapidly lead to massive growth and decentralized adoption across an organization. As team practices diverge, this growth stage can introduce serious security challenges.

Working with the likes of adidas and Shutterstock, we’re in a unique position to share lessons learned and practical advice that can’t be Googled.

Hosted by our Platform Engineer Marcel Müller, this webinar will unpack:

- How security requirements and solutions evolve with the scope of your Kubernetes usage

- How to align best practices across teams within your organization

- How to make sure that doing things the secure way is the easy way too

- How to improve security adoption through ease of use

- How we scale security based on our customer experiences

- How you can prepare your organization to pass unavoidable security audits

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