Finding the Right Kubernetes Operating Model

On Demand Webinar


The critical task of selecting the right operations model is often neglected as teams instead focus on getting their Kubernetes platform live. As long as you don’t have any critical workloads running, there is not much preparation required. However, to be successful and make the best use out of the platform, it’s essential to know what options are available to determine what is best for your company.

Since 2014, Giant Swarm has been operating hundreds of Kubernetes clusters and is now ideally positioned to share insights on:

- What aspects to consider when operating Kubernetes

- The benefits and drawbacks of different operations models

- When to choose which operations model


In this on demand webinar, we cover the critical factors you’ll need to consider while giving you all the insights you’ll need to secure your cloud-native success. Whether you’re considering the Infrastructure team running a Kubernetes platform, covering for your own and other teams, or thinking about using a managed service, this webinar promises to put you in the best position to make an informed decision.

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