Developer-Led Enterprise and Why Kubernetes Changes Everything

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From a business perspective, if the fallout of 2020 has proven anything it’s that the only thing that can be counted on is the approach that refuses to remain the same, in fact, it’s even in the name: agile. Where uncertainty and volatility highlight the downfalls of old-fashioned structures, agile thinking can be a kingmaker as it rewards those who are willing to fail again and fail better. With the advent of Kubernetes as the de facto standard, now more than ever, companies are being pressured to embrace the risks and rewards of agile.

Watch Giant Swarm’s Co-Founder and CCO Oliver Thylmann while he shares his insights gathered from over a decade in the tech industry covering:

- The agile and DevOps origin story

- How Kubernetes arrived on the scene and how it changed the industry

- The culture of open source and developer-led enterprise



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