Building an Effective Kubernetes Team in 2021

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As we all know, 2020 has brought with it many unexpected surprises. However, one thing has remained unchanged: Kubernetes is everywhere and it’s only the beginning.

From an outlier to the de facto operating system for the cloud, Kubernetes has evolved at a rapid pace. Many companies like yours need to think about operating Kubernetes now and in the future and that starts with building an effective Kubernetes team. While Kubernetes is clearly a commodity, this doesn’t mean that you have to — or even should — operate it yourself.

Start 2021 with a head start. Watch this on demand webinar where we’ll help you to unpack:

1. The key decisions you have to consider to ensure your Kubernetes team’s success

2. The typical approaches you must choose from when building your Kubernetes team

3. How the various operating models differ and what actually works

4. How to make smart decisions for your specific use case

Since 2014, Giant Swarm has focused on Kubernetes and acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to guide innovative companies like Vodafone, Shutterstock, adidas, and Vaillant on their cloud-native journey.

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