Achieving Cloud-Native Observability with Open-Source 

On Demand Demo and Slide Deck


Isolated monitoring is no longer sufficient to cope with the complexity of microservices and frequent deployments. To maintain a high level of innovation and a competitive edge, you will need to rapidly locate errors.

In this demo and through the slide deck, we’ll demonstrate how observability based on its three main data sources (logs, metrics, and traces) can help you identify, locate, isolate, and fix forward issues to deliver higher value to the business and build more reliable systems.

During this session, you’ll learn:

1. More than ‘monitoring on steroids’ — the real difference between observability and monitoring

2. Whether you can get observability ‘for free’ without changing your apps

3. Why observability will help you resolve issues faster and more efficiently

4. Which projects are evolving into the defacto standard for open-source observability

Besides gaining an understanding of what exactly you’ll need to consider when using open-source projects, there will also be a live demo illustrating how the likes of Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki fit together.

Watch the Demo

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